For Coloured Braiding Locks


Our Braiding Locks must be handled with care when prepping for braids/twists.

Unravel carefully and comb through with a wide tooth comb from the bottom working your way up. Do not over stretch the hair as this  will affect how the ombre colouring appears.

This  hair has been chemically processed to achieve the colours so may have a chemical smell.

This is normal and will air out.

Use a styling gel or moose when twisting the hair. Seal the ends of the braids/twists with hotwater. These steps will minimise the chances of the braids/twists unravelling.


For Coloured Locks


Our Coloured Locks require additional mainteinance due to the chemical colouring processing used to colour the hair. In order to maintain the softness and minimise tangling a regular wide tooth comb through, light conditioner spray and natural oils sealant are recommended for daily maintenance.


Colour treated hair will require weekly moisture rich deep conditioning treatments to ensure the hair doesn't become dry and brittle and hot oil treatments to help in restore natural shine and bounce.


We highly recommed lengths of 18" and longer are worn on a wig for ease of maintenance and to minimise tangling.


For Virgin Locks


Our Virgin Locks are 100% virgin human hair from hair donors. This means they come in their natural state, in natural shades of brown which can be dyed and styled just like your own hair.


Just like your own hair, virgin hair requires moisture rich washes and deep conditioning treatments to help maintain natural softness, bounce and texture.

We strongly recommend using heat protector on your Virgin Locks before using heat styling tools.

Please remember that excessive use of heat and any form of chemical processing can cause damage to your hair which will shorten their life expectancy.


Installing Your Locks

We recommend this be done by a professional hair stylist (contact us for referrals).

Avoid cutting the weft as if the weft is cut in anyway the threading binding the hair to the weft is likely to loosen - causing the hair to fall away (also known as shedding).

If cutting of weft occurs, seal the ends with weft sealant or hair glue.


Washing Your Locks

We recommend a bi weekly moisture rich conditioner wash.

A monthly overnight deep conditioning treatment is also recommended.

Always squeeze product through the length of the hair.

NEVER rub hair vigorously as this may cause unnatural tangling.


For Straight and Wavy styles - Comb conditioner though the hair to detangle and smooth out strands, starting from the bottom. Leave in for a minimum of 30 mins.

For Curly styles - Only use fingers for combing through the hair and again start from the bottom up. Leave in for a minimum of 30 mins. After rinsing product out scrunch up the hair and allow to air dry as much a possible.


Use products that help to balance deficiencies in your hair i.e. moisture rich products for hair that feels dry and apply natural oil rich products lightly on hair that looks dull.

Air dry hair whenever possible or use minimal heat. This will help to maintain the hairs natural state and ensure longevity.


Colour treated hair will require weekly moisture rich deep conditioning treatments to ensure the hair doesn't become dry and brittle. Leave in for a minimum of 1 hour.

We recommend consulting a licensed professional for best colouring results.


To restore hair after prolonged wear, we recommend using a reconstructive conditioner and then saturating the hair in a moisturising conditioner and wrapping in a bag for 24hours before rinsing and air drying.

A hot oil treatment will also help in restoring natural shine and bounce. We highly recommend this on colour treated hair.


Maintaining Your Locks

We recommend minimal use of products and regular washes whenever product is used.

Spray on water mixed with light leave in conditioners sparingly to maintain moisture and seal in the moisture with natural oils.

To enhance curls we recommend using water, styling mousse or small amounts of alcohol free curl activators.

Bendy rollers work best when applied to slightly damp hair and left in overnight.

ALWAYS use heat defence/protector sprays before heat styling your hair with curling tongs or straighteners.

Whilst sleeping, ensure hair is wrapped in a silk scarf to prevent friction causing breakage or tangling.


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